Thickening the Sauce – Replacing Cornflower

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When you (student), were younger, did you ever wonder what your mum (teacher), was putting in the gravy to make it thicken?   Did you ever see the mixture go from quite weak to quite strong? And when you poured out the gravy, did you notice what a fantastic difference it made to the meal?  Did anybody come back for more, just add that little bit of something?

Look at the image above.  Does it remind you of anything?  To me, this is what content looks like before we decide what we are going to write about, and if we are not careful, this is what is going to be put into your next post and whoever views it is going to take one taste and decide it’s not the bowl they want to eat out of, a little like Goldilocks, but with a thesaurus in her hand.

Now going back to the gravy.  The difference between creating the gravy mixture with the correct amount of cornflour (grammar, spelling, comprehension, literature, language, punctuation, style, flow), is that to make the gravy look and taste good it needs to have the right mixture and consistency.  This is done by years of learning how to blend just enough of the cornflour.  Too little and it washes away the food, too much, and it comes out as a blob and just sits on your plate.

We should all have taken notice of how the teacher creates the gravy, and as the student, we should have taken notes on how to get the right blend.  It’s not all over of course, there are plenty of mealtimes left.  We just need to go away, try blending, learn more about the ingredients, re-blend and then re-taste.  So before we serve our next gravy dish, we are confident that what is poured out of the gravy jug is going to make the starving hoards lick out the jug.

4 thoughts on “Thickening the Sauce – Replacing Cornflower

  1. Great point. Writing content can be hard, and most people have the wrong mindset when it comes to writing. But the fact is, you don’t need to be a skilled writer. It is all about redoing it until we get better at something. Hard work and patience…

    1. Hi Srjdan. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. It is important that we learn how to write and more important what we write and the way we write. If we want to have a successful business we need to communicate the right way, and that’s fundamentally important or the reader will just click-away. Dave

  2. Thanks for the great post. Writing content is not as easy as most say it is, it needs someone to look deeper and also in a bird eye view. We need to pass the message to others in a meaningful way. Thanks again for the information.

    1. Hi Lucky.Thanks for reading and replying to my post. I think that we should adopt the stance of doing things in the right way and creating good content is the minimum requirement.

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