The Lesser Spotted Affiliate

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Disguising The Affiliate Code

Writing about death is no joke at the moment, and those whose job it is to report such tragedy have my complete sympathies as do the families and friends of those that have passed.  We have to be so careful when putting down the content regarding the passing of life, as there are many humans going through terrible trauma all over the earth.  And as we try to carry on with normality, we have to show reverence so as not to be  seen to shy away from those suffering.  We also need to show respect for being able to carry on with our lives but without drawing attention to how successful we are, that can wait until another day.

Having tried and been successful at starting an online business (even without making any money), I have carried on with my daily routine of studying, taking action, blogging, posting, emailing and asking questions.  I have been able to do this by proportioning my time in line with my priorities like working, resting, family and sleeping.

I have though noticed that a rather large company (named after a large river in South America), has been very successful in this period.  I actually don’t think that they have been doing this deliberately.  I haven’t seen any advertisements outside of what we usually see. I just think that they are the very best at what they do, and as so many people are off, it seems obvious that people are going to go online.

Choices, choices, choices

I do actually feel like we should all just stop what we are doing and wait for normality to resume, but that could be the difference between success and failure.  In fact, in this short space of time I know that many have already lost their place at work or cannot work at all.  But if I stop now, the less conscientious will just plough ahead regardless of the circumstances which could mean that my efforts so far will not have been worthwhile.


I suppose that I am suffering from the fact that I am able to carry on when so many cannot.  And its the human inside that feels guilty of having the time when I have friends and family who cannot carry out their daily lives due to many restrictions.  Again, we all know the current restrictions are there for a reason, and its those reason that will bring back normality eventually.

The alternative to stopping has to be ignored for the time being and I think that the fight must continue.  Today we have to be focused on driving our businesses to encompass the global virtual economy.  We haven’t been given a choice in this and now it is here and the amount of traffic that is going around due to the virus forcing us to stay at home has to mean that we need to jump on-board and run with the now.

We need to make sure that we have the necessary skills to move forward and if we are lacking in the skills then we need to acquire the skill from wherever we can get them, whether that’s from a tutorial on Youtube, online course, webinar or another source.  These are essential requirements of our businesses, and will lead to creating value, making sales and serving others.

These will in turn give us the freedom to be able to work from home, to setting our own agenda and for providing meaning both to our customers and ourselves.  It important that our customers see that we are helping them by providing a service that solves their issue or problems, as we want them to come back as a valued customer.

There is a great need that we must be able to satisfy in that the content that we create is suitable for our audience and the differing platforms that we have to send out our message.  There is a huge difference in the content for social networks which is a more headlight hitting, stuttery, quick fire read which does not require the audience to read lots of paragraphs.  We must master all of the ways to put across our message for the right audience to respond.

In such a fast moving environment we must also be aware of the speed of change and adapt to that change.  We need to be on the edge of each emerging genre and be prepared to look at what others are doing, including upscaling our efforts.  What we can’t afford to do is be lacking so far behind that we lose our focus on these current trends, and change our content to suit.

As an affiliate we need to be taking account of our actions in that how we portray ourselves and our business.  We need to be believable, honest, inspiring to others, accountable and focused.  If we are nor believable then this will show in the amount of traffic that we attract which will be very few if any.  If we are believable then the results will be evident and the repeat customers will remain as customers.

If we are not honest then we set ourselves up for an immediate fall.  If we are producing other peoples content by copying and pasting, then firstly, if it is a direct copy and paste, then software which is available will be able to run through our posts and identify which website the content was taken from, the date is was first produced and by whom.  The second to this is that the Google ranking of the site will be hit.


If we cannot persuade and inspire others, then if you are offering a membership or subscription platform then you will have very few if any members.  If you are trying to get sales than you will be able to count the sales on one hand.  The need to inspire is absolutely critical.  It should be your number one goal from starting to build a website, to becoming a multi million dollar earner.  The art of persuasion can be put down as the following:

  • Personalise your message, so that you can mirror what the customer, partner or associate can relate to.
  • Use contrasting scenarios to illustrate the impact of your product.
  • Use valued propositions rather than technical baffling content.
  • Use intermediate advisors who can have an impact by relating success stories.
  • Show evidence where others have been inspired by your product or service.
  • Present a physical form of your product instead of just your ideas.

Don’t assume that your passion alone will make you stand out as there are many who have their own idea of what they need, and just because you shout does not ensure that they listen.  Many entrepreneurs who start out think that all they have to do is repeat what they have been taught. and also do not see that those who they are preaching to have their own ideas and may not share their passion. This can easily kill off their credibility as well as future opportunities.

The art of getting others to see things as you see them (persuasion), needs honing from day one. These are the steps to making sure that you are successful:

  • Grab attention, using moving stories, video, questioning, provide jokes, and demonstration to take charge of the group.
  • Build Rapore with great eye contact, questioning, familiarity, walk around and putting the crowd at ease.
  • Gain credibility by using accomplishments and testimonials.
  • Target the issue by asking the audience of their stories but make sure the audience own the issue.
  • Provide a solution by showing your product and relieving the audiences pain.
  • Set expectations by telling them what you going to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you hav told them.
  • Show proof by providing testimonials, pay cheques and data.
  • Provide irresistible offer but don’t forget that people buy because the trust you, not just because you have a solution to sell.
  • Provide guarantee, so that the customer feels they can fall back to you as a safety net.
  • Provide a deadline, so that the custom realises that they may miss the opportunity if they do not act now.
  • Call to action.  This gives the audience a chance to share in your success or buy your solution.

Channeling the above actions will ensure that your message reaches the audience and that should reciprocate into action being taken. After action has been taken, ensure that you follow up with messages of gratitude which will help to continue the relationship that you have started and enhance the credibility that has been created.  Persuasion is a powerful tool to make your message stick with an audience, and the effectiveness of your argument is just as much as how you deliver the message, and when, as it is about what you are saying.

4 thoughts on “The Lesser Spotted Affiliate

  1. Awesome post Jeff. Really apt for the current times and the test that lies ahead. Personally, I feel you should be sharing the affiliate knowhow as much as you can with those whose future will never be the same as the past.

    1. Hi Joshi. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. I think we are in a critical period and need to be mindful of others, so shouting from the rooftops may not be the best way of doing things.

    1. Hi Bode. Thank you for reading and replying. I know how much this issue can affect your business and I have had several replies, so its importance is paramount. Procrastination can cripple your results and profits.

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