Striking an Educational Balance

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How much time to we take to during a normal day, to ensure that we keep on top of our business interests, our family, our education, our website, our  interests and our social life?  What are the things that we do daily which keep us ahead of the game? What amount of time do we take to educate ourselves and to what level do we want to reach or understand? And how much of our time do spend researching topics well enough to really be able to write about them?

I believe that many of us just go around with our head in the clouds, not planning how to divide the day into segments so we can do this here and that there.  I also believe that we don’t allow extra time in case one issue comes out of another issue, and some people certainly don’t allow for issues arising out of the blue.  But if we don’t allocate enough time to be able to do something proper, and by that I mean give ourselves the time to really learn about whatever it is that we are doing, then we will not have the necessary information to create a blog or post about that thing.

We need to take our time and learn about something.  We need to do more than enough research  to have the necessary back-up, so we are then confident that what we say or do makes sense and we have the answers to any questions that may be asked of us.  We should be seeking a sort of level of divine knowledge, so that when we put pen to paper, the reader will be held captive for the duration of the piece, and then the next time we write, the reader will be anticipating what we write before it is published.  This helps towards the art of persuasion and it influences others.  There is no requirement for a press release as others will be asking you as to when your next inspiring content is next out.

Choices, choices, choices

“If you build it, they will come”?  Well, they won’t come if what you write isn’t good enough to be read.  By that, I mean that if what you write has no basis, or doesn’t captivate or persuade others, then your readers won’t be persuaded to read long enough and will just click-off. If you are trying to get someone to purchase any product, then they need to be politely supplied sufficient information so that an informed decision can be made.  The buyer needs to be involved in a relationship directly with you.  So you taking the time to have a greater understanding of what it is that keeps the reader reading is worthy of the time it takes you to learn.  Does that make sense? Well if it doesn’t, then take the time to read it again.

If taking time to learn the gentle art of persuasion is taking too much of your time, then could I suggest dropping the time you spend at the gym.  If not the gym, then whatever it is that you do more of instead of educating yourself enough to be able to create content on a subject (niche), so that you can then persuade others to get a piece of what you have.

Personal connections, for the vast majority, are the key to promoting whatever it is you are selling and therefore having a successful business.  How you divide your time will greatly impact your outcome. Not doing enough research will greatly impact your outcome. Not having the right amount of ammunition (knowledge), will greatly effect your outcome.

Take the time to educate yourself, as it will go a long way to help you to be successful.  It will help you to produce better content than your competition.  It will draw people to you and they will talk to others about you.  You will get the return on the investment that you took during your education.  In the end, you will find that your confidence in handling any subject will grow and you will satisfied in the knowledge that you have the knowledge.


2 thoughts on “Striking an Educational Balance

  1. This is excellent advice. I often find myself rushing through an article just to get it done and then go back and realize that is it is missing pertinent information. My rewrites take longer than the initial article most days! Maybe that’s just my “process”? Ha! Anyway, it is definitely worth taking your time and doing the research. I can always use a reminder of that!

    1. Hi Virginia. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. You just can’t get enough out of doing the research and then being able to get the content down and know that what you put down is both grammatically correct and informatively worthy. The reader will decide how good it is by their actions just like you have.

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