Stepping In, Stepping Out

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Well it’s nice to be here isn’t it?  Where you may ask?  Well here actually, just being able to add another post to my website that’s where.  It’s time again to step into another post, and then I will step out again, sit back and see what others think of what I am trying to get across.

This time it’s about overcoming the fear or dread of putting something down for others to read, comment or if you like, judge.  We all judge each others ideas and thoughts, our words, media, video’s, use of grammar like comma’s, paragraphs, spacing, capitals or spelling.

This is internet marketing, so there is no point in worrying about what your content is, surely, you just need to get a message out?  You need to engage with others, so they know what you are trying to say?

You write, they read, you wait, that’s it??

Engaging with your audience is what you need to be doing, as much as you can, each day, every day.

Make sure that what you put down can resonate with as many people as possible and ask for feedback either positive or negative.  In fact, negative feedback is actually positive because it makes you sit up think of a different way of putting your message across.  It makes you redesign the look and feel of the post or alter your thinking process.

In fact, this could be a way of studying of how others think.  You can pick out their ideas through what they pick you up for, it’s reverse psychology.  You have picked their brains and you can now use what others want within the post to take you towards getting what you want, which is more comments, and the more comments, the more picking, the more edits, the more variety in your next post.

You can also eliminate mistakes before you make them by not including content in your future posts.  If you keep getting the same comments coming up that means that you are not eliminating your mistakes. Remember “If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always got”.

If you have any comments about this page, feel free to add them and if you have any questions about this post then again, please feel free to ask.  Any lessons learned from this post can only be for the better.  Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Stepping In, Stepping Out

  1. Great tips. I agree with you! Focus on making valuable content and you will slowly see more and more people visiting your site because you share the same interests and they learn something from the your content. 🙂

    Feedback from peers and visitors is a big player too and this is also where my own website has improved the fastest!


  2. Hi, David,

    Did anyone tell you that you have an interesting manner of expressing your ideas and thoughts? 🙂

    I like your blog posts, they are short but right to the point. Do you have any recommendations on how to take with calm negative comments?

    I appreciate your feedback.

    All the best,

    1. Hi Natalie. Thanks for taking the time to read and offer comments. Thanks for your kind words, they are the nicest I have received.
      I think the best way to deal with negative comments are to treat them as actually positive comments. The saying “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, can apply here. What you can’t do is ignore them, just thank the person who sent them and ask what they would recommend. If I give a negative comment I always suggest another way. Dave

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