Producing Predictive Actions

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Setting the Scene

So, we all want a piece of the action.  We all want to make our mark. And we all want our content to be ranked higher than our friends, colleagues, competitors and rivals?

We all have a way of doing this which will lead us to confronting our comfort zone to do something amazing that will give us the edge over our competitor, but only by producing predictive action.

We could have been doing this for a short period of time, some longer than others and many for a very long time. This is accomplished by building content upon content, post by post, blog by blog, and we have been out of our comfort zone, but fail to notice this.

We may have been directed to do this firstly as part of a course, or online training, in an affiliate program or similar and we have to push ourselves into creating content which can be persuasive to others.

And it’s taking action on a daily basis which will pay off in the long run as we try to build out our audience by influence,  We need to convince our potential customers over time to trust our message which will, lead them into buying our product which serves as a solution to their problem.

Daily Tasks

Are you carrying out daily tasks?  This does not mean checking emails or the LAD Bible or Facebook Newsread.  I think that to be successful we need to be doing the following:

  • Yearly, monthly, weekly daily plan
  • Break down the daily plan
  • Outsource daily task
  • Software to track and manage time
  • Develop a routine and stick to it
  • Chose the right task management plan
  • Follow the rule
  • Make to do lists
  • Prioritise
  • Set realistic goals
  • Set realistic timetables
  • Remove potential distractions
  • Stop procrastination
  • Stop multitasking
  • Schedule high priority activities
  • Identify urgent, non-urgent and important priorities
  • Review each day

The above list does cover rather advanced daily actions but at some stage if we are going to be successful, we will need to include all of the above without thinking distraction.  They are things that are going to get us into the habit of doing the right things while avoiding the wrong things.or our businesses will suffer.  If we start on the right track from the beginning we will be on the right track all the way to success.


We need to be mindful of the way we approach our business and stay motivated so we still have a forward looking approach and not flinch when a setback occurs.  If something goes astray, then stay motivated even when things seem like they are caving in, you have to know when to let something go.  The quicker you are at letting go, the better you will feel and you will be able to refocus sooner and spend your efforts on the present.  Don’t delay on forgiving yourself and others as this also leads to stagnation.

If we start on our path doing things in the order that we want them done in, then we get used to seeing the results coming in from those actions.  If we do things in a more random way, then the results may well arrive in an order that seems the wrong way round and not in the correct order for your business.

Setting Small Goals

We have created goals and the daily goals that we set need to be scrutinised so we don’t waste our precious time and the time of others.  Make sure that the goals are broken down into bite size chunks so that they add up to and make up a large goal piece.  I think that there are times when we try to go for the whole goal all at once and this just leads to confusion, anxiety and can lead to us stopping what we do completely.  You hear of so many marketers giving up due to a lack of breakthrough and trying to run before they can walk is a major contributor to this.

The key to short term gains is to focus on a small goal, make it the number one focus, hone in on what you perceive as a critical part of the small goal and work on it until that goal is achieved.  This is where distractions have to be eliminated and you will have to segregate yourself from your normal life.  It is so important that this becomes the norm rather than a one of instance.  If what you are working on is mission critical then this needs to be treated as such.  If people are pestering you to concentrate on other things then it needs explaining that what you are doing has to be the main focus right now.

Yes, there may be other things that knit into what you are doing, and therefore what you are doing may be holding up the overall mission.  But what if it was the other way around.  What if you had completed something that you had to complete, and it was you who was waiting for others to finish.  Surely, you would have to have the patience to wait until the others in the group were ready to hand over what they have been working on.  It all makes sense to back each other, especially if its such an important piece of work?

Outsourcing Content

What about offloading some of the burden of the work to an outside agency or a freelancer.  The chances are that some of the project can be handed over with a brief, to a paid writer. They can bring a whole different meaning to what you are trying to deliver and give the project an edge over your competitors. They can also deliver the results sooner as they have the manpower to turn around pieces of work much sooner that yourself.  It can also bring in new customers, have a better Return On Interest (ROI), better identify your brand, it can introduce a new audience, gives a professional look, and can help drive conversions.

You could carry out some split testing by using two different approaches, seeing if the paid content has the edge over your own writing,  You can see the geographical areas where the audience is coming from and even what devices they are seeing the content from.

You could hire in an agency but one of the main problems with that is you will be just one of many others in a line waiting in line for their turn.  Using an agency means you need to give up some of your control on timing but not content inclusion, however communication could be an issue  where you are unlikely unable to communicate e directly with the writers working on the project.

Which Type of Writing?

So you have an idea to market some of the content, but which type of marketing are you going to use?

Website is an absolute must and you must also make sure that the website copy does not undermine the by poor quality copy.  Good website copy needs to communicate with your audience, communicates the benefits of your brand and leads people to a buying decision.  What you don’t want is the copy to look sloppy and unprofessional, which will lead to poor ratings and no customers.

Ad Copy will need to be a key point. The copy will need to be informative, compelling, trustworthy, believable, motivational, and drive customers toward your business.

Blog Writing

Blog posts can position your company as a market leader.  Blog posts provide value to your customers and in many cases it is the blog post that brings in and holds your customers and is the cornerstone of a good content marketing strategy, and are not just part of the sales pitch.

Technical Writing

If your business is in the technical area, then you are going to need diagrams, training manuals, instructions, technical guides including troubleshooting and specific to role materials.  This is different to content writing and may be secondary to your content marketing strategy. There would be a need to ensure that any technical changes to the original build are encompassed within the materials.

Social Media Writing

An absolute critical area which is becoming a major influence and can be monopolised by using a sound marketing strategy.  With Facebook having a daily audience in the billions, Twitter and Instagram in the upper hundreds of millions, social media content writing is an art and needs to be crafted in order to utilise the current audience.  Twitter gives only 140 characters to use where as Facebook gives a lot more space and short punchy messages are the name of the game.


E-books are an easy way of carrying your message to your audience and can be given away as a freebie when clients seem eager to use your services and are simple and inexpensive to produce.  As they are very editable, you can re-use past versions to quickly get a new message to your customers and can bring credibility to your business.

Measuring Success

If you are doing marketing content well, it is first and foremost material that gives value to the audience so they can make an informed decision, followed secondly by sales.  The easiest way of seeing the impact is the number of visitors to your website.  A higher ranking on Google could be another way, and of course a rise in the amount of sales would be the critical number.  You would also see the number of leads increase and the addition of a sign-up form on your blog.  The offering of an e-book will increase engagement.


Ultimately conversions are the key to your successful marketing strategy but it can be a waiting game.  There is no length of time that it may take for the results to show through although the increase in website traffic could be within the first 3-6 months and sales can be expected to rise within 6-18 months.

The good news is that the use of the internet is rising and the amount of daily users is in the many billions so there is room for us all.  What needs to happen is that you make sure you are doing your due diligence, all your baskets are full and in the right order with a plan that you can stick to and don’t give up your seat.


20 thoughts on “Producing Predictive Actions”

  1. As I near my final retirement – I have realized that there is a big differencing getting to things I have to do and those I want to do. What used to be important even at work just doesn’t seem all that important now. My greatest fear is that I will fall into a wandering mode and stop experiencing everything that life still has to offer. I’ve always resisted making up a to-do list. I guess its a hold other from my near hippie days. Now it seems if I don’t do a list – I will lose a sense of accomplishment and thereby being. Your suggestion of setting up realistic goals – really resonated with me and is very doable. Thanks for reminding me that there are still accomplishments to be obtained even after retirement.

    1. Hi. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. WE need to get things done in line with our daily plan and if we let things slip then we may struggle to get back on track.

  2. I have an online business and I pride myself on being organized.  Your list has really challenged me.  For many years I have set weekly and daily goals, but it has not gone beyond that.  I think that, with some effort, I can get to the monthly and even annual goals.  I also liked the line about not multitasking.  Although I feel that this is a characteristic of an unorganized person, I must admit that I do have several things going at once often.  Thanks for the article.  Its a challenge.

    1. Hi Anastazie.  Thank you for taking the time to read and reply.  Everything is a challenge, but that’s when we need to get better.  Even the best of the best need to challenge themselves, and they do.  We have to get better at everything we do and then it becomes simpler because we know we can rise to the challenge.  I think that people believe they can multitask without failure, and some can but most cannot.  The bigger our businesses get, the better we need to become.  Good luck and watch out for my future posts.

  3. I think it is all about setting priorities and goals. It always important to remind yourself of what is important and set your daily tasks based on what is important to you. Of course goals and priorities do change over time so you must always re-evaluate goals, priorities, and tasks. I look to try to accomplish all tasks but it is more important to accomplish tasks that accomplish goals. 

    1. Hi Lee.  Thank you for taking the time to read and reply.  You got this.  Accomplish your goals within your plan, exactly correct.  Not only do you finish your piece, but you do it within the confines that YOU have set.  Watch out for my upcoming posts.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful post. This truely a predictive action and a lifestyle for all of us especially those in online Marketing. Making progress in whatever you do demands the following actions as stated clearly in your post. Actions like Yearly, monthly, weekly daily plan, Break down the daily plan. Outsource daily tasks Software to track and manage time. Develop a routine and stick to it. Chose the right task management plan. Follow the rule. Make to do lists. Etc are 100%predictive actions that one needs to follow and make progress in whatever he or she does. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. Hi.  Thank you for taking the time to  read and reply.  I am very happy to help you and your feedback tells me that it has hit a note with you.  Its important that you stick to your plan, not get distracted and focus.  You will feel like you have actually achieved something if you deliver a quality post, blog or message and its within your planned time.  Good luck

  5. This is absolutely correct. There are so much distractions especially with the Social Media trend and these distractions can easily makes someone to deviate from having the set goals not to be achieved. The points you list will certainly make someone to stay on course. Thank you for taking time to research and have this article published.

    1. Hi Kingsking.  Thank you for taking the time to read and reply.  One thing at a time is the best way.  Do it when you meant to and do it well.  If it’s not good enough, re-do it and resend.  Make sure your day is segmented even after a days work and stick to it and you will feel more fulfilled.  Good luck 

  6. hello there, How I wish I have seen something like this earlier I think life would have really been a lot better for me now. I am almost at retirement, I think this is the best time to use this idea…anyway thanks for sharing this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.



    1. Hi David.  Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.  I think we all seem to delay doing things or put things off which are difficult to do the easier tasks.  We should make sure that tasks are done in line with our daily plan, not put them off and not get distracted.  I had a message from Kyle today asking me how much content am I producing.  The answer is simply not enough, that’s because I am trying to do too much at once.  

  7. this is a great and amazing article. i sincerely your effort creating time  to write on such an informative article which has taught me a lot more on  Producing Predictive Actions. breaking daily plans is so important because  you’ll schedule your plans for that day and make an accurate and perfect work. thanks for sharing this amazing article

    1. Hi. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. I am very happy that you enjoyed the post and I look forward to reading your posts when you create them. 

  8. Hi David, I really like your article. If we could achieve all of those things everyday there would be no limit to our happiness. That’s my belief anyway.
    Great job! Thank you

    1. Hi Russ. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. Yes, I agree of course. We all need the time to plan an effective strategy and stick to what we are doing with no distractions.

  9. What a nice post you wrote Dave! I really enjoyed reading it and could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You for sharing this quality post. Actually I was looking for information about the predictive actions and when I landed on your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details and it was exactly what I wanted to know.
    I’m happy that you’ve decided to write about this topic and share it with others. It’s very useful post in my opinion and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested to know about this topic.

    I will definitely come back to your site again to read more posts. Keep up quality articles! 🙂


    1. Hi Ali. Thanks for taking the time and reply. I have made comments on your website already but thank you again.

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