Predicting Future Trends

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There is a rather large amount of uncertainty at the moment.  There has been a fair amount of upheaval in the last 2 years in the UK and there are many people who have had to make choice of doing what we have done for such a long time, or opt to go in a completely new direction and face uncertainty.  Of course, Brexit was the dominant theme like a dark cloud on the horizon, so predicting future trends took a large hit as we do not like predicting anything if we are in doubt as to where we are going.

Even now, there are many others who still await the future impact that Brexit will have.  We just trust that the right decision has been made, and put our faith in the politicians, which for many is an uncomfortable position.

There is now another even greater threat which is having an even greater effect, this time it is a global threat and is throwing the whole world into chaos.  Corona virus is here, and who would have predicted that in 2020, we would all be thrown into this turmoil.

Corona Virus 2020 has now been given pandemic status and the loss of life continues, the ability for normal life to continue is in doubt, lock-downs are in place in many countries.  Self-isolation is what we are being told to do, as the search for a clear way forward is being sought by the major powers.  People are going into a frenzy of stocking up on household goods just in case we have to go into hiding for a sustained period.  People are buying toilet rolls like there is no tomorrow.  It’s maddening! It’s frightening!  It was and is still unpredictable.

What if anything can we do to help predict what the future trends are?  How can we not allow other issues to knock our fragile world?  As entrepreneurs, what can we do to ensure that we are moving in the right direction without taking advantage of the current plight of others?  Some people will do just that, take advantage of the suffering of others just to ensure that they get what they want.  Isn’t it human nature to profit from the misery of others or should it be the exact opposite, to help others to feel safe and secure when the threat of danger is great?

Personally, I am going to keep focused on the business of helping others.  My immediate future trend is to make sure that I best position myself so that what I do brings comfort, safety and security to others by providing the possibility of a better future by getting involved in internet marketing.

Having to be physically isolated from the world does not mean that the online business stops.  In fact, it becomes a greater opportunity for others to try out, to see the benefits of not having leaving the house, flat or castle.  This is an unpredicted trend occurring in real time, it’s trending now.

The internet social channel scene is going into a frenzy, and if it isn’t it should be.  This is what the world wide web was unpredicted to be capable of doing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram should be helping others in need by being an invisible helpline.

The greatest outcome lesson of this current pandemic should be that people should see the possibilities of having a stay at home business.  They should be aware of this and as entrepreneurs we have a great opportunity to encourage others to do so, not by exploiting their unexpected position, but by using the current situation to predict their future trend, one of which is starting their own internet business.  We should be yelling at them to see the possibility that is occurring in real time.

9 thoughts on “Predicting Future Trends

  1. Predicting the future is tough, making educated guesses about trends makes sense.  You are exactly right that there is a dividing line between exploitation and opportunity.   Hiking the price of bottled drinking water in times of distress is borderline criminal but offering a place to buy drinking water is smart and provides a service.  People move with the mob and the run on toilet paper is perplexing but who wants to be without toilet paper if you were quarantined for a couple of weeks.  I guess that is why there is a run?  Who knows?  The only constant in life is change and we really only have control over our individual decisions!

  2. Personally, I wasn’t expecting any more outbreak of deadly diseases like the corona virus we are having today. There have been a lot of them which have been dealt with across the world and some have been curbed, but the rate at which this disease spreading across the world is too fast, and I hope we come out clean from it. With more scientific research going on, we all should hope for the best. 

  3. This is quite interesting here and I’m delighted that you have shared this here with us. Personally, I will ensure that I share this out too to people. Letting people know the future trend and ways to earn a living while not stepping out of their homes I’d great and thankfully you have shared this out here. Thumbs up

  4. Hi,
    This is a very authentic post that you shared with us. In this post you discuss about brexit and covid 19. Really covid19 is really an alarming disease that spread out in the world recently. In this post, you said that you are going to provide the possibility of a better future by getting involved in internet marketing which attracts me most. I think in that situation internet marketing is the best way to earn money. By reading this article I have learned so many things which is very important for me. I like to share this post with other people and I think it would be helpful for them.

    Thanks again for such a helpful post.

  5. Living the laptop live style is actually the best, it is such that you can work from anywhere. Like you pointed out COVID-19 gave a worst blow than Brexit. For Brexit, our politicians will definitely come together and change policy as they will. But for COVID-19, there is nothing any body can do. But as always advice, eat good food and boast your immunity.

    1. Hi and thanks for your comments.  COVID-19  is indeed a worse blow than Brexit as nobody died.  We can use this opportunity for others to see the benefits of internet marketing.

  6. Well, right now, we are all witnesses of what is going on in the world right now and it is not just the health sectorthat is breaking down, the economy is crumbling and  the climate is changing drastically. Like you have pointed out, what we need right now is hope and we need that extra pay on the back for us to be sure that the future has something even brighter for us and that in the end we’ll all be fine. This is an awesome post.

  7. This is a good one. I must first commend the time and energy that you have put into making this website with nice templates and finding time to write an article on predicting future trends. it is just so sad that even a hand sanitizer that went for about 3 usd is now over 300 usd

  8. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. sometime i think some of these calamities are pre planned. the resulting effect of covid 19 on our economy is so bad and we have to do something about it

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