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Passive Lifestyle Introduction

Imagine having a perfect lifestyle. Have you ever given yourself the opportunity to even think of what it would be like, where to go, for how long, who to take, what destination, mode of travel? Are we allowed or have we ever been allowed to dare to dream? Has society been groomed not to dream big? There are a great many people in the world who exchange their time for money, it is commonly known as “earning a living”, and there is nothing wrong with earning a living, it’s what I have been doing since I left school, and it’s what I suppose is expected, unless you have been fortunate enough to have been given enough money not to have to find a job, and if that’s you, then well done, for you have a truly passive income lifestyle.

Meanwhile, in the real world, many of us are looking just to make a “few dollars more”, (you can choose your own currency), either by selling new or used equipment online or newspaper advertising, TV advertising if you have the money, a card in the local newspaper window, or selling your soul doing MLM or Network Marketing, or sitting at the exit door of a shopping centre and tempting those leaving the store.

Whatever you are doing, you know that you would like to have more money in your pocket, so you feel a bit better off, as there is “too much month at the end of the money” You may have a great idea about what people want but your’e not sure how to go about getting your product in front of others.

I believe that we are now in an age where creating a lifestyle change is truly possible by using the tremendous leveraging power of the internet. The internet brings everything to you and you bring everything to it’s a living breathing machine with the capability to have a meaningful impact on peoples lives.

Everyone looking for a lifestyle change needs to have a WHY, because if you didn’t, then you may not need to be reading this post. Your WHY, is the driving force behind your move toward looking for something, be it money or time, relaxation, a bigger house, a newer car or being able to stay at home to be more ‘hands-on’ with the children.

Passive Lifestyle Change. Where to start?

Where do you begin to start when you are looking to change? Well the first obvious place to begin is the internet, assuming that you have a device with internet capabilities, you can just go into a web browser such as Google then either type in, or even speak what you are looking for and it will give you recommendations as to what to do, where to go, what to read and what to do next. You could also try YouTube and ask the same question and it will visually take you through step by step if required and show you what you could do. Some choices are listed below which we will discus later.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Capital Investment
  • Commerce Business
  • Amazon Store
  • You Tube Blogging/Podcasting
  • Facebook Advertising

As you see I have only listed six possible choices, but there are a few more which could be added, which include renting out your home or a room, your’e garage or driveway. Starting a paid membership site. If you are tech savvy, then you could create an ‘e’ book or even an App, and also create courses which would be online. Franchises are good if you have enough money to get the business going but up-front costs can be huge with estimations running into ten of thousands Some more established ideas like Premium Bonds (yes, they are still around), High Interest Deposits, Venture Capital, are probably not for you, but could be looked at, again they all require a cash input.

Affiliate Marketing. This is a really popular choice for many people. Most businesses are in the business to make money and what better way than to have thousands of affiliates selling your brand and in return they get a commission. Affiliates do not need to worry about how the service or goods are delivered, nor do they need to worry about products being returned. An Affiliate just needs to be able to market the goods or service either on their own website or blog or You Tube site, and when a customer clicks on an item and a sale is generated, then the link to that product then a commission is given. What happens after the initial contact is between the company selling the product is where further sales can be made, but the affiliate usually does not get further commission. Note: there are many companies that pay a monthly sum to the affiliate for the period that the customer remains a customer.

The affiliate has usually been through a training syllabus, especially if he or she has no knowledge of advertising and marketing, sales, website building or a lack of concepts of what an affiliate actually does. This training can take the form of a series of video lessons followed by producing pieces of work on that subject and the affiliate passes through the phases, some of which are free and some of which may cost a minimal amount. For those who like to learn new concepts the training can be fascinating, eye-opening, fun and bring fulfillment by itself with the new-found skills adding to their portfolio. For many, it can be quite daunting and can include technical skills, content writing and appearing on video, and can in many cases lead to some stopping going further. But those with a big enough WHY can see what an affiliate programme offers and they come out of the training ready to take on the world or at least the internet. The promise of earning large amounts of money is strictly forbidden and anyone who thinks they will be rich in a very small space of time need to realise it is a crawl and not a race.

Regarding the other listed choices, Capital Investment is good if you can afford to outlay a large amount of capital for a long period before a return on your money (plus interest), but if you are looking to make money quicker then that’s probably not an option. Commerce is a very lucrative market to be in but you need to have a very good understanding of the technology that you are providing and technology moves at a fast pace and you need to be running before you can walk.

Amazon will one day own the planet as they are expanding at an alarming rate and you can be part of that either as an Amazon seller or an affiliate, and many people are making a very good living as a side income with much of the work done by Amazon and their fiulfilment strategy, again you need do nothing except get the buyer to see the product via the internet.

You Tube Blogging and Facebook Advertising can be stand-alone, but can be used by an affiliate as part of the means of getting products to the masses. You Tube audiences can be vast while Facebook following can be in excess of 200 million, and 200 million customers can only be a good thing. (Take a look at how many people are following Christiano Rinaldo).

Passive Lifestyle Conclusion

There are many things to be considered most of which have been touched on before making a choice on how you are going to make a difference to your lifestyle. If you are looking to make a huge difference then that requires huge amounts of action including training, training tasks, understanding and technology practicals, speaking on camera, webcasts, advertising and marketing, family sacrifices, personal development, reading self-help books and searching for your first sale.

Affiliate Marketing is for many the first place to begin and there are many good companies out there who have refined the processes to get you to your goal. The communities that are made all aim to help each other and nobody is left by themselves if any issues arise there is always someone to help. Affiliate Marketing is for many a stepping stone to greater things and there are many who have gone on to create mutiple businesses from humble beginnings. If you take anything from this page then it has been worth writing and I hope your choice brings you good fortune.

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