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Hopes and Dreams

In today’s society are we still being held back by the past and saying what was good enough then is good enough now? This is a real issue for entrepreneurs, because we dare to dream big and I mean big. If we look at some leaders and by leaders I mean Tony Robbins, Brendon Berchard, Oprah, Jeff Bezos or Jack Ma (look him up). Do you think that they have been held up by the past, other than a glance over their shoulder to see who is creeping up, in business terms that is, and specifically the last two names. Each of the names are top of their field and their hopes and dreams have all become reality. So why not yours?Here-I-Am

Everyone has hopes and dreams. The dreams begin as aspirations. Aspirations are something you would like to have happen in your future. Some aspirations might be big and long term and maybe seem impossible while others might be smaller and achievable sooner. In fact as we start out in our quest as entrepreneurs, we are told to set short term goals, maybe to earn a first sale of 5, 10 or 20 dollars before we head for anything larger. And actually the short term goal is a milestone in proving that what we thought and what we have been taught is actually works. As part of any start on a journey it is important to have aspirations to work towards. There are many areas in your life that you might have aspirations for. There are many areas of your entrepreneurial business that you might have hopes and dreams about., but here are some areas of everyday life that you might have hopes and dreams for:


  • Choice and control. This is about having the ability to control your destiny, the hours you work, when you work and how much time you spend with the people you love and support, and people who love and support you.
  • Lifelong learning. This is about the things you want to learn throughout your business and everyday life. This learning can occur in many ways in your life, not just in a classroom but on You Tube, webinars, on video or from a lecture.
  • Health and well-being. This is about how physically and mentally healthy you wish to be. Maybe your current position does not allow you to be in the best frame of mind and creating time may be the thing that drives you forward.
  • Social and Community Involvement. This is about you having the time to take part in, the things you do in your life that you enjoy and make you feel like you belong and you just have no time for.

Daily Plan

The first and most important step to take towards your dreams and for your business, is to start working efficiently, and to have a daily plan in place. It is important that your plan is written down along with clarity of vision. You can write it in a calendar, notepad, or stored on your computer. Do not simply go through a mental checklist each day as other issues will jump in and will distract you from achieving what you started out to do. Remember that in the beginning avoid taking on more than you can handle, you are one person not a workforce, that can come later. But also be optimistic. An optimist is someone who can see the positive in any given situation and will focus on the belief that all things are possible. There is nothing wrong with being an optimist unless it leads you to underestimate your abilities. This includes the time it will take for you to accomplish a simple task quickly, which then results in you taking on more than you can handle. Knowing what is on your plate for the day, and having already determined a budget for your own time for specific tasks can help you meet deadlines, get more done each day, and be more realistic about taking on additional work.

When it comes to productivity, the degree of effort you put into creating your dream does not always mean a quality product will result. If tasks take too long because you’re tired, distracted, or disorganized, it’s a clear sign you’re working too hard. Give yourself time to relax and remind yourself of why you are doing this work. To be an efficient, fast, and productive worker means prioritizing your work and allowing sufficient time to do it correctly. Practicing good work habits will ensure positive, consistent results. The most important step you can take toward working more efficiently is to make a plan that you can follow each day and planning some downtime should be a part of the plan.

Write a Vision Statement

It’s never too early to dream of things for your future, so include them right from the start. Your personal vision statement guides your life and provides the direction necessary to chart the course of your days and the choices you make about your career, life, and family. Think of your personal vision statement as the light shining in the darkness that illuminates your path through the forest of life. Writing a vision statement is the first step in focusing on your life. It can help put things into perspective your joy, your accomplishments, your family life.

Ask yourself some guiding questions to start yourself off. Be honest. Your answers can help you clearly illustrate your vision. If you fudge your answers or are dishonest with yourself, you will not create a vision that is uniquely yours—one that is worth your time and life to follow. As you collect information on yourself, take time to formulate your thoughts cohesively into descriptive sentences or paragraphs that summarize single values or characteristics.

Compiling a list of Corps Values will come out of the questioning and will help you to determine how to influence your hopes and dreams. Some of could be:

  • Empowerment. For example, you are unafraid to take thoughtful risks. You are likely to identify and solve problems.Those who thrive in this empowered environment will do well. If you like waiting for someone to tell you what to do, you will fail if empowerment is the expectation and value of your hopes and dreams.
  • Transparency. You will know and understand the goals, direction, decisions, financial statements, successes, and failures. You will hear about client and customer success stories and employee contributions.
  • Integrity. If you believe in being honest, open, and truthful, you will thrive while others who want to play politics, hide mistakes, and lie will not thrive.
  • Teamwork. Even at an early stage of planning, teamwork will allow you to have influence on those around you. Influencing the people in your team will produce better cooperation from the start and helps bong the team.
  • Responsibility and Accountability. A leader who is unwilling to demonstrate responsibility and accountability will demotivate those who work around them, leading to a circle of destruction. So have the courage to take all necessary actions to avoid your hopes and dreams from fading.

Setting Your Sights – Niche Market

Creating a niche is fundamentally important to your whole plan and will decide on who to market to. A niche can be described as “a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment:”, or “a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product” or even “denoting products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population”. The last description is worth pondering over as it looks like an ideal description which is more in line with what is sought after by most businesses. If you can corner a market that is solving an issue, (and we all have issues), that someone has then that opens up a direct market. But finding that ‘golden egg’ is the difficult part and that is where your research comes into its own. There is a huge amount of ideas on how to do research effectively, which would be a whole post by itself.


Daring to dream is something that we have not always been allowed to do, certainly not as far as many businesses are concerned, but in our entrepreneurial world it is something that we can actually do as dreams can be achieved.  So how big can our dreams becime?  Well the sky is the limit but we could also reach for the stars, and if we fall short we could collect some star dust on the way down.  But the idea is to make the dream whatever you what it to be and as your business grows the dream can be recreated, repackaged and expanded. Sweet dreams.

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