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I am sure we all dream about living a life free of worry. For all of us, (that’s you and I included), beginning to dream could be seen as such moments of surrender.

It may be seen as preposterous or even ludicrous to even think that we could allow ourselves to abandon reality in the search for our own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

But surely, in the pursuit of pots of gold, it would seem reasonable that the seekers of gold allow themselves to search all reasonable and unreasonable possibilities including dreaming.  After all, these are just thoughts, fleeting moments of abandon, freeing ourselves of the now, for the maybe.

Think about the now. It is the now that we find ourselves in and which we want to be free from, so beginning to dream of a different now would be a start and therefore allowable.

So let us allow ourselves to begin to dream of a life better than what it is right here, right now.

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