Eliminating Distraction Techniques

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How to Get More Done as an Internet Marketer

Are you new to internet marketing?  If so, you may want to improve your time management.  So, how can you do so? Firstly, by realizing that time is money.  “Time is money£, is a common phrase that you may hear all the time; however, it is very important to an internet marketer, such as yourself.  Why?  Because your ability to manage your time and market a website, product, service, or blog will have a direct impact on your income generated.  For example, do you sell products on your website?  The more traffic you generate with marketing, the more sales you will receive.

Do not let your computer be a distraction.  As you can gather, internet marketing involves using the internet.  Yes, it is your job to use the internet, but you must use it properly.  Unfortunately, distractions are common when using a computer.  For starters, computers come pre-loaded with games.  There is also the internet factor.  These are many interesting websites online, as well as fun instant messaging programs.  Enjoy these things in your free time, but not during work hours.

Eliminate your distractions.  As previously stated, playing games on a computer or using instant messaging programs can be a huge source of distraction.  For starters, do not use them.  If your willpower to stay away isn’t strong enough, disable these programs or entirely delete them from your computer.

Since most internet marketers also work from home, it is important to eliminate distractions in the home.  When not working, do housework to have a clean and professional workspace the next day.  Do not watch television or answer the phone when working.  These tasks will disrupt your work, hindering your ability to market and make money.


Unfortunately, many new internet marketers make the mistake of believing that research is a distraction or a waste of time.  It isn’t.  As an internet marketer, you need to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings online.  If you don’t, you may miss out on the “hottest,” way to market a product or service online.  So, research.  With that said, make sure research is all you do online.  If you visit an internet marketing forum, ask questions if you need help, but avoid socializing or personal conversations.

Brainstorm and Create a Plan

Whether you are a new internet marketer or an experienced one, you should already have marketing ideas running around in your head.  This is good, but what should you do with those ideas?  Brainstorm and create a plan.  A good example involves taking your ideas, prioritizing them, and creating a daily to-do list or schedule.  For example, your first task could include updating a blog with a link to your website.  Task number two could include choosing a product to give away in a marketing contest, and so forth.

Execute the Plan

Once you have a list of internet marketing tasks to complete, get to work.  Remember, it is important to stay focus and on task.  Work on crossing items off your to-do list.  Avoid distractions, such as surfing the internet, checking your personal email account, or watching the television in the background.  By focusing only on your list of things to do, you can get more things done as an internet marketer.

Outsource When You Fall Behind

Whether you fell behind due to poor time management or if you just have too many tasks to complete and not enough hours, seek help.  That help can come from a qualified outsourcer.  Who you hire will depend on the task you need completing.  Do you want to design a banner for a link exchange?  Hire a graphic or web designer.  Do you want to write articles for article directory submissions?  If so, hire a freelance writer.

In short, there are many ways for you to get more done as an internet marketer.  The best way to see success, which should include extra income, is to work on your time management skills.  Do you see a problem or distraction?  Eliminate it as an issue and focus solely on the tasks at hand.

How to Stay Focused When You Work At Home

Do you work from home as an internet marketer?  Whether webmasters pay to access your marketing skills or if you market your own personal websites, time management is important to your success.  In terms of time management, your ability to stay focused and on task is crucial.

So, how can you stay focused and on task as an internet marketer?

Avoid Online Forums

Unfortunately, it is easy to market a website, product, or service online.  With the use of signatures, posting in an online forum can be considered a form of marketing.  However, use your best judgment.  Choose message boards inline with what you need to market, such as a pet board for pet products.  Set aside a specific block of time for marketing on forums, like 30 minutes.  Stop when your 30 minutes are up.

Avoid Instant Messaging Programs

If you are marketing a product or service you sell, you should not need to have an instant messaging program open on your computer.  The only exception would be if you are internet marketer for hire who uses instant messages for business purposes.  Other than that, do not socialize on instant messaging programs.  In fact, avoid them at all costs.

Avoid Surfing the Internet

Since internet marketing relies on the use of the internet, you will need to use it.  There is a difference between surfing the internet for internet marketing ideas and viewing random, but interesting pages.  For example, search online for internet marketing forums where the latest tips are shared, but avoid other websites, such as those for news, gossip, and sports.  View these websites on your own time.

Avoid Checking Your Personal Email

One of the biggest time wasters in the day of an internet marketer is email.  If you are currently using one email account for personal use and business use, stop immediately.  An email account just for business enables you to check your email throughout the day, but without getting distracted with personal messages.

Let Everyone Know You Work

Unfortunately, not everyone understands the concept of working from home.  Some actually think it is nothing more than a clever disguise to be lazy and watch television all day.  This means you may find friends, family members, or neighbours calling or stopping by for a visit.  Do not let this happen.  Instead, let everyone know you do work a normal job, just from home.  Also make it known that you will not be available during work hours unless for emergencies.

Create a to-do List

Having a daily to-do list by your side is one of the best ways to stay focused and on task as an internet marketer.  Why?  Because you have a specific guide to follow.  For example, your list for the day may include marketing on message boards, writing search engine optimized content, and so forth.  As you complete each task, cross it from your to-do list.  A to-do list not only serves as a helpful guide, but as a source of motivation.

Create a Detailed Schedule

If you have time management problems, a simple to-do list may not be enough.  If that is the case, create a detailed schedule.  A schedule is essentially a to-do list with times attached.  Set aside blocks of time for specific internet marketing tactics, such as message board marketing or article directory submission.  Keep an eye on the clock.  When you have a deadline, you are likely to increase your productivity and stay better focused.

Know the Consequences of Not Staying On Task

It is nice knowing how you can stay on task as an internet marketer, but you need to know what the consequences are for not.  Unfortunately, many make the mistake of believing they will just fall behind.  Yes, this will happen, but there is also the money aspect.  Time that is wasted, as opposed to spent marketing a website with affiliate links, products, or services for sale translates into money lost.  Essentially the more marketing links you distribute online, the money you can make.

6 thoughts on “Eliminating Distraction Techniques”

  1. Plenty of great advice that we tend to forget about or slip back into our bad ways.

    Working for yourself especially at home can have so many distractions and time management is essential.

    I remember a few years back working from home for someone else, I spent more time doing what I shouldn’t be doing rather than doing what I should be doing.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Mick. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. There are so many ways that we can get distracted these days, so we all need to focus on the task in hand. Stay safe.

  2. Hi,

    Love the facts laid out here and there are all valuable advices. I’m guilty of getting distracted with email checking. This one takes longer than you realise, it would need a scheduled time of its own.

    Failing to plan is planning to fail. I’m making it a point to schedule my plan for the next day beforehand.

    Great article!


  3. Thanks for this article. It really helped me get new insights about how to increase productivity. As you say it is important to do the research and in my opinion you should spend more time on research so that the execution becomes a lot easier and it takes much less time.

    The key is planing!

    Thanks again for the new insights

    1. Hi Ladia. Thank you for taking the time to read and reply. Apologies for the lateness of the reply but I have been busy on other issues. I think researching your topic is critical,especially if it has lots of data, and if you are going to use data then you have to get it right. Planning of course is part of failing if you fail to plan. Be safe. Dave

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