Between Your Ears – an Epiphany

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An epiphany (from the ancient Greek ἐπιφάνεια, epiphaneia, “manifestation, striking appearance”) is an experience of a sudden and striking realization.

Have you stopped to think why we do what we do?

Do you know your reasons behind why you are here right now, where are you going, what are your plans for the immediate, short and long term future?  Do you have a plan in outline or in detail?  How many posts, blog posts or reviews are you going to write in the next 6 months, 12 months, or 2 years and how many keywords are you targeting over the same period?

Is this the time for you to spread your wings and are you sure of the direction you are going?

For many, the start of your journey began before you realsed that you were in fact on a journey at all.

It began when you first woke up to the realisation that you had done many things, that you had a wealth of experience in your locker to look back on and have been able to rely on.  You are able to give an accurate account of a topic, story, and provide factual or statistical backing to an argument or a conversation and that others then realise that you actually know what you are talking about – an epiphany!!

The epiphany of course is that realisation that have what it takes in order to succeed in whatever niche, topic or genre that you are heading into.  Sure, you may need to learn about marketing, economics, buying, selling, advertisement, persuasion, creating video’s, webinars and maybe tutoring in the future, but for now you know you can do whatever you want.


Everyone’s mind runs quicker than their true journey, and you may not realise, and that is fine.  You need to trust that you are where you want to be and that you are on the right path to create your goals. As long as you are working towards your dreams, you will make it to your destination.  This is something that you have to believe in and you need to train your mind and your thought process to be able to get to where you want to go.  If you start to convince yourself that this is a misty path, then you are not going to get to where you want to be.

What you have between your ears are a series of clashes.  You think one thing and conspire against it with other things.  It’s an issue that everyone has to go through in order to get to the other side.  The other side could be anything, from a job interview to making a million dollars.  It will be what defines you by the way you deal with issues.  The mindset of an entrepreneur has to be set from the start and needs to be a positive one.  This is called “not trusting in yourself”, and this actually stems from your past because you and only you knows what you have failed at before and you remind yourself what happened the last time you did this and the subsequent outcomes.

This type of thought process has to be removed. Do not dwell on the past, it’s in the past, and what you are going to do will never affect the past, so leave it there.

The things that you work on every day, the little things, they will get you to where you want to be, but they must be done consistently.  The small steps will lead you to the realisation of your dreams, but don’t ever think that this will come with ease.  Don’t think of things that “I have to” attitude, think of things as “I get to” attitude.  The key to success is believing that you are worthy of getting there and there is a difference of getting more and being worthy of more.


Network Types

There are two brain network types. One setting or default, is set in the past, where you know what right and wrong are, and the other default setting is in the now.  You need to look at how to control the default settings and get back to the task process network of dealing with current issues to drive you forward.


When you wake in the morning, do you have a routine to start the day?  Do you pick up a book, scripture, diary, meditation notes, do you run and how do you make time for yourself?  Or, do you just roll out of bed, pick up where you left yourself last night and crack on?  Chances are that what was on your mind last night is still where you left it, on your mind.  Effective leaders have a routine, it’s in their DNA.  They have programmed themselves in doing things that start their day off in the right direction, so they focus themselves for the day ahead.  This is something that entrepreneurs must be capable of doing, it’s called “mindset”.

What you eat will part determine your energy levels for the day.  The morning routine is one of the most important things that you can add to your schedule.  Set yourself up with a careful morning routine that works for you.  The brain is actually one of the smallest organs in the body, but it drains more energy than any other organ. Prior to this, make sure that you get enough sleep, the brain and your body requires you to be effective not defective, and if you are sleep deprived this will effect how you behave and react.


Many of our leaders start their morning with meditation.  I know, so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. but setting aside time in the morning to visualise how your day is going to go, who you are meeting, how you present yourself, (first impressions are very important), how you dress, what you say, even how you greet them are all important.  Your meditation could be opening a book and reading a chapter or it could be yoga.  Yoga is a fantastic way of focusing and it really aligns your mind, body and soul.

What you do not want to do in the morning is wake up and pick up your mobile or open your laptop.  There is no requirement for anyone to immediately launch into your day by reliving what happened the day before or reminding yourself of the pressures of the previous days meeting.  What is good for you, is drinking water.  Water will completely re-hydrate tour body and over time your body will feel a whole lot better and you will feel better motivated, again, this takes time.


Ensure that you eat throughout the day.  Try not to fill yourself early in the morning, then eat lunch, then eat dinner.  Your body energy needs to be balanced, so eating small and often is the better way to ensure that your energy levels are sustained throughout the day.  Training your mind and body to get used to not receiving lots of food in short periods of time takes time, but stick to an eating routine and you will in the end appreciate what you have achieved.


During your morning routine try not to go over all your failings of the previous day as this may well lead to a feeling of manifestation.  Instead, focus on what improvements you can make on those failings.  We all have an internal audit system and we review then analyse what went wrong, then we look at ways to improve and then we instill the changes in the hope that our system will be improved.  You will find that the changes affect your business as well as your life.


Grab hold of your diary for the day and go through each hour visualising what you want to achieve during that time.  If there are meetings scheduled in then make sure that this is not time wasted.  Write down what outcomes you expect to see and annotate in the diary so when you look back you can see the actual positives against any negatives.  If you have a particular milestone that you need to achieve then make that the whole focus of the day, and ensure that your diary reflects whether or not it was achieved by using bright markings.  Going back to meetings.  These is time out of your life that could be better spent if nothing is achieved.  A wasted meeting is one of the biggest drains on your whole day and can take away so much of your energy, so make sure that this is time well spent.  There is nothing stopping you from calling a quick end to a meeting that is going nowhere, (but make sure that you are the boss first).

Positivity, Strengths, Actions & Habits

Finding and developing success within yourself can be stimulated and become instilled from looking at the strengths and habits of others.  The attributes don’t just happen overnight, and they are not brought about by luck.  Successful people continue to work on their success habits as part of their daily routine.  This ensures that the success that they already have continues to be renewed daily.  Successful people have a strong will to succeed and achieve in life.  They look forward to growth and have a deep routed desire to do better than the average person.  They take positive action to make positive changes and move outside of their comfort zone. Even when things fail, they quickly see opportunities that surround them, adjust when things go wrong and move in a different direction.  They are self-aware and self-confident.  They are vision focused and achievement orientated.  They value their time wisely.  They own it.They think differently than the average person.  They love and thrive in what they do.

Successful people don’t think of work as work and they take pleasure in what they do and love what they are doing.  This gives a complete sense of achievement and happiness that fulfills their definition of success.  This is within us all and we need to have a mindset that focuses us on what we need to do to get there and have a successful life.

10 thoughts on “Between Your Ears – an Epiphany”

  1. Awesome! thank you very much for sharing this information. My favorite part is when you mentioned that everyone’s mind runs quicker than their true journey, and one may not realize but it is fine. You mentioned that one needs to trust the place they are in now and the one they want be. As long as one is working towards dreams, it is possible to make it to the final destination. This whole paragraph is like healing to my heart and a confirmation message from the word of God in the Bible. Thank you again and stay safe and home please. 

    1. HI Numa.  Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.  Mind setting will be crucial in the coming years if your website is to be ranked higher and your content more focused.  Get yourself to commit to starting on the right path but also keep your vision true to yourself, do not follow someone else unless your niche’s are the same.  Stay safe

  2. Learning how to balance our mind and providing a worthy routine to make out time to get our mindset right and get it right with getting the day activities started only if we have done it the right way. Thumbs up to you for Sharing this groundbreaking information to me. 

    1. Hi Emman.  Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.  I think that mindset or setting the way ahead is worth doing well.  You will see this when you get to the end of Level 5 where you are asked to write your goals for the next few years, and if your mindset is not established you will stutter and your site will suffer as a consequence.  Stay safe

  3. Emman,
    This is so spot on and timely, as we sit locked down with the stay at home orders and the paralyzing uncertainty of what lies ahead. Getting between the ears and getting beyond the failures and shortcomings of your past is so vital. I’ve heard that meditation, visualization and affirmations all aid in manifestations, but I haven’t been successful employing these techniques. I most likely need to find a good resource and make the commitment to try it

    1. Hi Bob. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. Meditation is done by all the top leaders, look up Brendon Burchard, Jay Kubassek, Stuart Ross and many others and see what they say about meditation. Getting right what is between the ears is critical to your success and once you have it you will better off. I updated this post today and it is longer now.

  4. I loved reading your article, it’s so much truth in it!
    I especially agree with the points you made about the routine and our mindset. I keep a notebook with a ‘to-do-list’ and when I finish the tasks of the day I go back to it and mark them down. It helps me a lot with remembering what else I need to do.
    Also, I always try to keep positive and not sabotage myself by saying I can’t do something. Going out of your comfort zone is equally important in order to succeed.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Agnes. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. I think to do lists are very handy and can act as a positive aide to your business. They can be used as a check against what you should have done during the day and can be reflected on. I think that being mindful of your limits needs to be looked at and where we fail, we need to learn more, we need to get better. Today will be my last post on as part of the online training, and then I can start in earnest. Stay safe.

  5. Hey, nice and helpful post for a lot of people. As I wanted to become an entrepreneur, I realised that I do not have a routine, as you said in your article. I think that I will start to make a morning routine at the beginning and maybe later an everyday routine so I will be “a very effective leader”.
    Thank you for sharing the information, because it is very helpful.


    1. Hi Codrut. Thank you for taking the time to read and reply. I believe its important to start the day with a fresh look and you can get this by focused practice but it takes time as there are many distractions all around. Keep an eye on my next posts.

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