Babies Bring New Hope

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At this moment I am in France recovering from a cataract operation, and during the whole operation I was dreading having to return to work with an eye patch or a bruised eye or any sign of deformity. As it happened, I was told not to return to work for a minimum period of 16 days.  So, I was bundled aboard a cross channel ferry and then whisked down to the south of France to recover from the operation.  What has this got to do with babies?  Well, one of the passengers on our vehicle is currently expecting, and as a baby is a new hope to her, I see internet marketing as Bringing New Hope to myself.

The thing about bringing a new baby into the world is that it inspires you to try to do things in a new way from the start.  You promise yourself not to do the things that other people have done, not make the same mistakes they or you have made and not to follow the same path others have taken as a way of saying this time, my way will be different.  And regardless of whatever does actually happen, the intent you have is completely honest and sincerely meant.

I have my own baby which I have been developing since before the start of the year and it is taking its first steps toward a wider more promising world.  It has been fed with pages and posts, pictures, grammar and content and beginning to make its way into the world.  Of course it is my website, and I have been told how and when to feed it, how many words to add, not too little, not too much, add a picture here and there and even affiliations have been added.

I can invite other new or older mothers to have a look and give their comments to see how pretty it looks, is it dressed correctly, is it too warm or too cold, does it need a dummy or two (plug-ins), and I can use their comments to improve how my baby looks.

Well I have to say that at the moment my baby is doing fine and when Grandad Kyle and Grandad Carson say it is ready to meet the outside world I will do my best to ensure that they are not let down.

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  1. Hi Dave! What a great and inspiring article. I too have a website and just like babies bring new hope, so does this exciting new journey. I do sincerely hope that you are healing nicely since the cataract surgery. Get well soon and keep these uplifiting posts coming! Thank you for sharing.

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