About Me

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Hi my name is Dave Buckley and I have been fascinated about creating a lifestyle for myself, my family and anyone else who wants the kind of lifestyle that they think they deserve.

I would love to do things when, where and how I want to, at the places I want to visit, study, relax, live and where we can all thrive.

I have been living a normal life, where I am expected to do well, achieve good exam results, get a nice job, work hard, get promoted, work harder, get promoted, marry, have children, buy a house, raise a family and you get the picture?  And, there is nothing wrong with that.  It’s worked for many years and been achieved by many people, creating fabulous lives, fame and fortune.

But there comes a time where you may want a different way of day to day living, in an environment that that provides all the expected routine security, stability, nourishment, joy and peace, in a more entrepreneurial way instead of exchanging time for money.

This type of lifestyle requires a lot of sacrifice, training, mentoring, patience, internal soul searching, understanding, planning, strategy and technical skills.  It also needs habits to be created like vision or clarity, some focused energy, a desire to be productive, the ability to influence and courage to see it through. These are the basic fundamental habits that are needed so your “why” can be fulfilled.

Your why, is the reason for the change, be it lack of money, wanting to start another careerb or business, lust for freedom or adventure? That why then becomes the driving force behind the need for change, and the change drives the learning, the learning creates skills, which leads to action, which requires practice, which leads to confidence, that turns to knowledge, and the knowledge dispels the fear.

For many people, fear stops people moving forward, its grips us due to the cycle of being normal where we shouldn’t do anything different outside of what is expected or the “norm”.  But knowledge does dispel fear, unless your parachute doesn’t open, then fear completely dispels and knowledge. There have been many discussions on fear and there are some good books on the subject.

My “why”, at the moment is quite simple, I currently work on shifts which is my choice, and I am trying to do something about it.  My aim is to start earning enough money so I can be my own boss and create a lifestyle that I think is fantastic, to be with my loves one’s and not swap my time for money.

For things to things change,you need to change, if you don’t change, nothing changes..